About Us

Central to Grand Strand Bridal Association is our Code of Ethics, which every Member has signed. The Code requires that each Member pledge himself to honesty and integrity, to an understanding of his client's needs, and to comply with the standards of the Association. Each Member pledges not to betray the trust that brides place in him for his knowledge, experience and recommendations.

In what can be a stressful time, doing business with Grand Strand Bridal Association members gives a bride some peace of mind: she is choosing businesses she can count on to make her event all she dreams it will be.

Take a look around our site and get to know us. Your wedding will be the better for it.

Goals of the Grand Strand Bridal Association

  1. To provide the wedding-service industry with a standard of professionalism and quality
  2. To identify, promote and publicize businesses that newly-engaged couples can count on
  3. To provide a competitive advantage to our members

Duties of the Grand Strand Bridal Association

  1. Develop a Code of Ethics to which our Members must adhere
    Actively and continually Promote the Association and its role in assisting brides
  2. Organize and provide Meetings, seminars and speakers to keep our members at the forefront of their professions
  3. Diligently and responsibly Control and evaluate Membership for the benefit of customers and fellow members
  4. Develop and provide Networking opportunities for the benefit of our members
  5. Maintain and distribute our Free Membership Directory via bridal shows, member locations and direct mail
  6. Serve as an ongoing "Communications Central" for ideas, programs and issues to better the local wedding industry
  7. Provide newly engaged couples with A Diverse group of Quality Businesses which can make their weddings and honeymoons great

Want to join the Grand Strand Bridal Association?

Read the Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and download a Membership Application.

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